Countax C60 tractor including 36″ HGM Deck

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Countax C60 tractor including 36″ HGM Deck

The C Series has been Britain’s favourite range of garden tractor for over two decades. The core benefits of cutting and collecting in the wet, striping a lawn and the use of a machine 12 months of the year make the C Series the tractor of choice for thousands of customers.


Like all Countax garden tractors, a C Series is built to a very high specification. It’s extra tough with its heavy duty steel chassis, cast front axles and reinforced cutter deck, a C series is designed to handle the rigours of continuous use.


The push-button controlled power take off drives a Powered Grass Collector, broadcast spreader or a scarifier, each unit is a valuable accessory that extends the use of the tractor.


The new HGM deck found on the C & B series tractors is the toughest, most durable rear discharge deck Countax has ever built. It’s fabricated from high grade steel and built to professional specifications. It is reinforced with a thick impact bar to further protect it from every day wear and tear. This makes it the ideal large rough cutter for semi wild areas that you cut infrequently and leave several inches longer.
With the grass collector removed, the tractor is agile and highly manoeuvrable, easily capable of cutting around trees and other obstacle.
Standard Features:
powered grass collector (Optional)

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