Robot Servicing

Dismantling and Cleaning

This will allow the working parts to move correctly. Many of the mowers we see have a significant build-up of mud and grass which causes poor cutting and restricted operation.

Inspecting For Damage/Deterioration

A thorough inspection will be carried out to identify faults that may cause subsequent failure in operation.

Examining The Rubber Sealing System And Waterproof Bellows

Most importantly, the Husqvarna service plan specifies that sealing rubbers and rubber bellows are inspected and replaced at periodic intervals to ensure that the mower remains water-tight during operation. Ingress of moisture must be prevented to avoid expensive damage to your Automower’s sensitive electronic components. Additionally, ventilation filter must be inspected and changed if faulty because, although sealed against water ingress, the inside of the mower must be able to breath.

Inspecting and Replacing Working Components

All the moving parts have wearing components such as bearings and motors which we inspect and test. All electrical connections and components will be inspected for deterioration.

Full Diagnostic Analysis Using Husqvarna Autocheck Computer Software

Husqvarna’s sophisticated software functionally tests every component in the Automower including motors, batteries and sensors. All of the Automower’s operations are simulated in the workshop and results evaluated. By replacing wearing or failing items reliability is ensured for the next season and downtime is minimized during the grass growing season.

Applying the Latest Software and Hardware Updates From Husqvarna

Husqvarna are continuously innovating and updating Automower software. These improvements are available from our workshop and are included as part of our service schedule.

Current standard Automower Service cost is £100 inc vat

Additional £20 if you also want to include the charging station.