Stiga Estate 792 Lawn Tractor

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Stiga Estate 792 Lawn Tractor

Petrol-powered ride-on mower with 452 cc STIGA engine, 92 cm cutting deck with two blades and 290 L rear grass collector.

STIGA engine with net power output of 7.9 kW @ 2600 rpm
Pedal-operated hydrostatic drive
92 cm cutting deck and 290 L grass collector
Powerful LED headlights and robust front bumper
Control panel with operating indicators
Battery charger, mulching kit and tow kit included


The Estate 792 lawn tractor has a hydrostatic transmission and is powered by an 8.4Kw Stiga ST 500 engine. This ride on mower has a 92cm/36″ Contraflow double bladed cutter deck with 7 heights of cut, from 25-80mm, with an electric cluch, a large 290 litre grass collector and optional mulching kit.

Mulching, or as Stiga prefer to call it, “multiclip” is a great feature, It saves so much time, and cutting the grass can be up to 30% quicker, there is no need to stop to empty clippings, which results in a real fuel saving too . You may well ask ?Will I see the mulched grass?? and the answer is ?No!? Mulched clippings are blown down into growing stems of grass, and are not noticeable provided the grass is cut regularly, and not on the lowest setting. Some owners prefer to collect grass cuttings on areas close to the house to be certain that children or pets don?t tread them inside and then they use the multiclip option on all the other areas.

The Estate 792 ride on mower comes complete with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is suitable for gardens up to 2 acres.

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