STIGA GYRO 500e Battery Axial Mower

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STIGA GYRO 500e Battery Axial Mower


A new innovation in battery-powered ride-on mower technology, the Axial mower from STIGA

The new Axial mower mower range from STIGA is like nothing ever seen before; simplicity and scalability meet efficiency and productivity, guaranteeing STIGA cutting excellence. Steering, acceleration, and speed are all controlled with a single touch, and it offers best-in-class safety and comfort. Oh, and it is battery powered.

Introducing the Gyro 500e Axial mower

The smallest Axial mower is the Gyro 500e which is powered by STIGA’s EPower Lithium-ion battery and has a capacity of 40 Ah, producing 56 V / 4.7 kW of power. The built-in battery can provide up to 5000 m2 coverage on a single charge, and can be restored quickly using the included fast charger. Slopes of up to 15º are easily scalable with this axial mower. It is part of STIGA’s Experience range of reliable and robust tools, offering enhanced performance and even greater comfort for larger gardens and tougher jobs.

Customise your mowing experience

The Gyro 500e has a 98 cm cutting width and can either discharge cuttings to the side of the machine leaving rows of cut grass, or mulch cuttings which eliminates the need for clean-up as very finely shredded cuttings are left of the surface of the lawn, where they fertilise the soil in turn producing a healthier lawn. The cutting height is adjustable 25-105 mm through 8 cutting height positions, and is set by an ultra-light lever positioned within easy-reach below the operators seat.

Featuring new joystick control

Steering, acceleration, and speed are all controlled with the innovative joystick, positioned within easy reach on the right arm of the axial mower; the Gyro 500e has a maximum forward speed of 11 km/h. As a result of the joystick control and front castor wheels, the Gyro has a 0° turning circle, meaning it can pivot on the spot for time-saving, hassle-free manoeuvrability at the end of a mowing row, and also ensures maximum coverage.

Comfort at its finest

The left arm of the machine lifts up to allow the operator to easily step onto the axial mower, where an adjustable low back support seat provides comfortable seating. The leg-free controls mean the operator can position their legs anywhere that is comfortable, including the footwell at the front of the mower; it is suitably comfortable even for those 6″+. The user-friendly dashboard is located on the left arm of the mower and can be reached without stretching; it includes all the controls you need, with only the key being located away from this area. LED headlights provide visibility even in low-light conditions, allowing for longer working times as well as providing visibility for safety.

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