Stiga Park 540 PX Ride On 4WD Fitted With A 105cm EL Deck

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Stiga Park 540 PX Ride On 4WD ( Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park 540 PX Ride On 4WD Fitted With A 105cm EL Deck

Stiga Park 540 PLX 4WD front cut mower with hydrostatic transmission powered by a Briggs & Stratton 500cc engine.Can be fitted with 95/100/105/110cm Multiclip Combi Deck.

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The Stiga Park 540 LPX benefits from hydraulic power steering making it effortless to steer around your garden.  The 95cm, 100cm, 105cm or 110 manual electric ‘height of cut’ decks with infinite height adjustment can be fitted to this machine and the adjustment can be made without leaving the seat.

The Stiga Park 540 LPX is powered by a 500cc single cylinder Briggs & Stratton AVS1 engine with hydrostatic 4WD transmission giving you infinite speed control in either direction from a single foot pedal and a maximum speed of 10 KM/H.  The fuel tank capacity is 12 litres and the machine is fitted with an adjustable comfort seat and manual servo steering.

Our smallest 4WD model has all the features required to make maintaining and improving your lawn a ‘Drive in the Park’. 

This model is covered by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty with 10 years cover on the chassis.



Starting Method                                                                                Key
Engine Brand                                                                                     Briggs & Stratton
Engine Type                                                                                       Intek 4185 
Engine Capacity                                                                                 500cc
Cylinders                                                                                            1
Net Power Output                                                                            10kW @ 3200rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity                                                                           12 Litre
Drive                                                                                                  4WD
Transmission                                                                                     Hydrostatic
Max Speed                                                                                         0-10km/h
Axle Diameter                                                                                  Front 1" Rear 3/4"
Wheels                                                                                              Front 16" Rear 16"
Articulated Steering                                                                        Yes
Power Assisted Steering                                                                 Hydraulic
Steering Link                                                                                    Chain/ Chain
Steering Ball                                                                                     Yes
Deck Lift                                                                                           Foot Operated
Deck Size                                                                                           95/100/105/110cm
Height of Cut                                                                                    25-85mm (10 Positions)
Electric Cutting Height Adjustments                                              Yes NB Requires Electric Deck
Adjustable Seat                                                                               Yes
Cruise Control                                                                                    No
Hour Metre, Lights, Adjustable Steering Wheel                             Yes
dB                                                                                                       99dB
Dimensions                                                                                         Length 245cm Width 130cm
Weight                                                                                               218kg
Lawn Size                                                                                          1.5 to 2 acre
Warranty                                                                                           3 Year
Chassis Warranty                                                                              10 Year


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