STIGA SWIFT 372e Battery Ride-on Mower

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STIGA SWIFT 372e Battery Ride-on Mower

Battery powered 72cm cut Ride on Mower(2T02500481/ST1) Powered by a 48volt Lithium-ion battery.

72cm cutting width with collector. Recommended working area 2000sqm, charger included.


A totally interchangeable battery system between the ride-on mower and handheld garden tools

What makes the Swift ride-on mower unique is that fact that it is powered by the same 48 V batteries that power your STIGA handheld tools. A part of STIGA’s Essential range, the Swift 372e is ideal for those new to gardening or who like simple things; it keeps features intuitive and easy to use, but doesn’t compromise on cutting performance.

Introducing the Swift 372e ride-on mower

The Swift 372e is powered by 4 of STIGA’s EPower Lithium-ion 48 V batteries; 3 x 5.0 Ah batteries are included and provide up to 1250 m2 coverage per full charge, however the Swift can in fact run on just 3 batteries, meaning a handheld tool can be powered at the same time as the Swift is operational. A single fast charger is also included, however for quicker charging times you can purchase additional chargers, if not already owned from your STIGA handheld tools.

Creating a brand new experience for all tractor owners

The cutting height can be set to any 6 preset positions 30-80 mm across 6 positions which is controlled manually. The mower has a cutting width of 72 cm.

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