Toro 21774 AWD ADS 4 Wheel Petrol Lawnmower

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Mow at your own pace with Automatic Drive System
All-Wheel Drive takes the muscle out of mowing hills
Save storage space with SmartStow®
Supercharged cutting and collection performance with Vortex Technology


The Toro 21774 is a four wheel lawnmower with a 55cm cutting width making it suitable for mowing larger lawns up to 1,000 square metres. The All Wheel Drive gives additional traction and power when working in more difficult conditions. The 21774 AWD offers you the choice of cutting and collecting the clippings or recycling them as a mulch. The mulching option is great when grass is shorter and drier as it deposits the mulch directly onto the ground. The mulch provides moisture and nutrients to the grass roots so they grow through healthier.

The automatic drive system adapts to your pace so you can travel as slowly or quicker as you need. For the best cut and finish the cutting height of the deck can be adjusted from 2.5cm to 10.2cm. These are set with levers on the front and back wheels. The fabric grass bag is simple to attach and collects up to 74l of clippings.


All Wheel Drive (AWD) extra power and traction when needed
2 mowing options – Cut & Collect or Mulching
Recycle on Demand – Switch from recycle to collect with a flip of a lever.
Large fabric collector bag


Model: 21774
Type: 4 Wheel
Blade Type: Rotary
Cutting Width: 55cm
Cutter Deck Material: Steel
Engine: Briggs and Stratton 675 EXi
Starter: Recoil / Manual
Power Output: 163cc
Fuel: Unleaded Petrol
Engine Oil: 4 stroke
Cutting Height Adjustment: 2.5 – 10.2cm
Drive: Yes, Auto system adapts to user pace
All Wheel Drive: Yes, traction assist
Grass Collector Capacity: 74L
Mulching: Yes
Weight: 34kg
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year residential, 30 days commercial
Warranty Terms and Conditions Apply including annual service by an authorised Hayter dealer

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