AL-KO MH 5007 R Cultivator

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AL-KO MH 5007 R Cultivator

Key features include: a powerful Briggs & Stratton EXI-Series 625 OHV engine, adjustable handle bars to prevent strain to the users back, a two belt transmission for forward and reverse drive and 4 tilling blades to allow an adjustable working width of up to 50cm.

Greater Safety

The locked safety hand lever prevents inadvertent starting of the tiller blades.


Ergonomic Working

The handlebar can be individually adjusted  to the height of the operator, ensuring comfortable, fatigue-free working.


Plantable Soil

Specially shaped tiller blades combined with powerful engines guarantee that you can effectively work the ground into plantable soil.

Change of Direction

Not only does the forwards and reverse gear enable straightforward working, it is also possible to manoeuvre effortlessly.


Ergonomic Gardening

The ability to pivot the handlebar sideways also allows you to work without treading on the soil that has already been cultivated.

Engine Briggs & Stratton EXI-Series 625 OHV
Displacement 150cc
Power 2.3kW
RPM 2900
Working Width 50cm
Tiller Blades 4 blades, 32cm
Gears Forward and Reverse
Weight 39kg


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