Lawn Scarifiers & Aerators

Maintaining a beautiful lawn isn’t just a case of spreading fertiliser, or mowing regularly. To really nourish the very roots of your grass, you’ll also  need to aerate and scarify – removing layers of dead thatch and perforating the soil to ensure that nutrients can actually penetrate and revitalise your lawn.

To facilitate this, we’ve sourced a collection of high quality lawn scarifiers, which use serrated blades and wire tines to tease out the detritus and moss that builds up between grass blades over time. The lawn scarifiers in our range are sourced from reputable brands like Billy Goat and Eliet. They can be relied on to ensure that rainwater and nutrients effectively reach grassroots, and are a popular choice with domestic gardeners and lawn care contractors up and down the UK.

Our lawn aerators are also sourced from a variety of leading manufacturers, and are designed to alleviate compaction in soils of any type. Lawn pluggers work by perforating your soil; leaving a series of small holes or plugs that allow water, air and other nutrients to permeate past thatch and compressed soil.

The effect of these machines ensures that the roots of your grass receive the levels of oxygen, fertiliser, and minerals needed to guarantee thicker, stronger turf and, as you can see from the range below, we have options to suit gardens of any size – from petrol powered aerators that will cover acres, right through to hand-pushed varieties that are ideally suited to small ornamental lawns.

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