Flame Guns

When perennial weeds get established in the cracks between bricks and paving stones, trying to dig them out can often damage the bricks and open the crack up further, increasing the probability of a weed problem in future. Cutting the weed flush with the surface can work, but requires great persistence. By comparison to hand weeding between paving slabs, a flame weeder is much faster. Flame guns are particularly suitable for weeding awkward areas, such as steps, and for killing weeds between paving slabs. Flame weed guns also have the advantage of killing the weed seed near to the surface of the soil. Most equipment has a wand or lance which reduces the need to bend when weeding. Depending upon the situation, most areas will require 4-5 treatments per year for effective weed control. 

The Green Reaper offers the world-renowned, best selling Sheen Flame Gun for the fast, effective and organic iradication of weeds.  The Sheen Flame Gun comes with two optional accessories – a protective hood which serves to direct the flame and reduce wind impact, and a trolley which takes the weight out the weeding task by allowing you to wheel it along.

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