Atco Mulching Kit (Plug Only) Rider 66

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Atco Mulching Kit (Plug Only) Rider 66

Mulching grass is a great feature! It saves so much time and can make mowing the lawn more than 30% quicker as there is no need to keep going to the tip to empty clippings.? You may well ask ?Will I see the mulched grass?? and the answer is ?No!?? Mulched clippings are blown down into the turf and are not noticeable provided the grass is cut regularly and not on the lowest setting.? Some owners prefer to collect grass cuttings on areas close to the house to be certain that children or pets don?t carry them inside and then use the mulching facility on all the other areas.

Switching between collection or mulch modes is extremely simple and takes less than a minute. To mulch, just remove the collector, insert this mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector.? To return to collection, simply reverse the procedure.

Mulching the grass allows the clippings to be recycled, improving the soil as they decompose forming a natural fertiliser high in potash and nitrogen. You will notice a marked improvement in your grass as this fertiliser takes effect over the course of the cutting season.

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