Echo DLM-310/35P Cordless Lawnmower Kit

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Echo DLM-310/35P Cordless Lawnmower Kit

The Echo DLM-310/35P is a robust steel deck 14″/35cm battery operated push lawnmower. It is lightweight at only 15kg and is environmentally friendly with zero emissions, low noise and low vibration.

It is a very versatile machine offering collection or mulching. Perfect for the different types of weather throughout the season.

It comes with a charger and 1 x 2.0Ah battery and has a run time of up to 45 minutes depending on the length of the grass and the conditions.


A push lawnmower for precise and easy mowing of small domestic lawns

The DLM-310/35P is a push lawnmower with a compact design including a 35 cm polymer deck, ideal for mowing small domestic gardens particularly through tight spaces and around obstacles; the front comb and wheels integrated in the chassis allow for mowing right up to surfaces.

Fine-tune the length you want your grass

It is easy to adjust the height of cut with 5 positions to choose from ranging 20-70 mm, and cuttings are collected in the large 40 Litre grass bag for easy clean-up. That being said, the mulching option can be activated to return finely-chopped cuttings to the surface of the lawn instead for zero clean-up.

Easy to transport, use, and store

The handlebar has a comfortable soft-grip finish which also dampens vibrations meaning a more pleasant user experience, as well as ensuring good control of the lawnmower; it folds down for convenient storage, whilst an integrated carry handle and the machines light weight (14 kg) facilitates easy lifting.

Not forgetting important safety features

A safety key must be inserted into the machine in order for it to start, which prevents the unintentional turning on of the machine. Electronic overload protection prevents damage to the machine and the battery in the event of an overload.

Better than a petrol or electric-run machine

A battery-powered product operates much more quietly, meaning you can mow early on a Sunday morning (or any time) without disturbing your neighbours! You can reach the farthest corners of your garden as there is no restrictive cord, and there aren’t any harmful emissions to affect the user or the environment. Minimal maintenance is a bonus.

Don’t forget the battery and charger

A battery and a charger are required to run the lawnmower, but are sold separately incase you already have these available from your other ECHO Garden+ Series tools. As with all tools in the range, this lawnmower is compatible with all ECHO 40 V batteries.

Battery Run time Charge time 0-100%
LBP-36-80 (2.0 Ah) up to 26 minutes 60 minutes
LBP-36-150 (4.0 Ah) up to 46 minutes 120 minutes

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