Stiga Combi 340e Kit Cordless Lawn Mower (Inc Battery & Charger)

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Powerful and robustly built, but also lightweight and compact, this 48 V battery-powered lawn mower impresses in terms of performance, durability and handling. The Combi 340e Kit has a 38 cm working width and is extremely easy to handle, thanks to its restrained weight.

Reduced weight and dimensions for easy pushing
Cordless, battery-powered engine with few noise and no emission
Soft-grip handle for comfortable working
Adjustable handle to adapt the working position to your needs
Compatible with 48 V battery tools
1 x STIGA ePower48V E 440 (4Ah) battery and charger included


Combi 344e Cordless Lawn Mower Kit by STIGA

With the Combi 344e lawn mower, we’ve packed impressive power and versatility into one machine. Driven by our advanced ePower450 battery, this cordless lawn mower runs for up to 25 minutes – and covers up to 400sqm – on just one charge. It all comes with a 3-in-1 cutting system, allowing you to collect, mulch or discharge your grass cuttings, depending on the lawn, weather and season.

The hard working Stiga Combi 340e cordless lawn mower is packed with high end features and represents excellent value for money. Part of Stiga’s new Essentials range it’s perfect for anyone who is new to gardening or for anyone that just likes a lawn mower that does it’s job with no complications.

Stiga suggest that the 4ah 48v lithium-ion battery would be ideal for this machine and with this battery you’ll be able to cover a maximum working area of 400 ㎡ with no interruptions. The generous 50 litre grass bag will take care of the grass clippings so your lawn will be left looking neat and tidy.

The battery and charger are not included in the price but it’s worth noting that you can use the same battery for any 48v machine in this range. The eco-mode ensures that your battery lasts as long as possible giving you great value for money, in fact Stiga suggests that you can run your lawn mower for around 25 minutes on a full charge, giving you ample time to get your grass cut.

Built to last, the Polypropylene / ABS deck can withstand a few knocks and can also withstand the good old British weather too, whether that’s rain or shine. The 42cm cutting width is compact and easy enough to negotiate around edges and garden obstacles, leaving you with a neat finish.

You can set the height of cut through 6 positions from 25 – 75 mm and if you’d prefer to mulch or rear discharge then you can do so with this great 3-in-1 Stiga lawnmower. Discharging the cuttings is of course faster as you can zip round your lawn without worrying about emptying the collector but this will leave small deposits of grass on your lawn.

If you decide to mulch the grass will be finely cut and it will act as a natural grass fertiliser, giving your grass all nutrients it needs to grow as green and healthy as possible. You probably won’t need additional lawn care products, thus saving you time, effort and money as well. A mulching plug comes free in the box for your convenience.

The handlebars have an upgraded cam-lock so you can just fold the handle down for easy storage. Or if it’s easier, you can choose to put the handlebar into an ‘S’ position, and hang it from your wall. They also feature an adjustable soft grip and an ergonomic lever, and a carry handle for easy lifting.

Designed for convenience the Combi 344e battery lawn mower also features an anti-scalp front comb to avoid damaging your lawn as well as 150/250 mm grooved wheels to give that extra grip when needed but don’t worry, they too have been designed to treat your grass with respect. Easy to start, just press the button and you’re set to go! No wires, no fumes and no noise, just simple honest gardening from the experts at Stiga.

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