Stiga Gyro 900e Battery Zero Turn Mower

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The STIGA Gyro is the only drive-by-wire joystick mower with STIGA patented Direct Drive technology. With a 125 cm, 3-blades cutting deck and its intuitive driving system, STIGA Gyro 900e gives the user fully control the machine’s direction, steering and speed. Battery-powered and safe, it covers up to 13000 sqm area. Up to 150 minutes runtime on one charge.

STIGA patented Direct Drive technology
Up to 13000 sqm on one charge
125 cm working width (with 3 freely rotating blades)
Up to 13 km/h top ground speed
STIGA Smart cutting & driving mode
STIGA ePower integrated battery pack


The Stiga Gyro mowers offer the user easy to control efficient mowing on a large scale. These highly productive machines are driven by 48v lithium batteries which can give over an hour of working time. As they are battery powered they are better for the environment and release no harmful exhaust fumes. Ultra quiet a Stiga Gyro can be used in noise sensitive areas with no worries.

The 900e Series 9 Expert is the top of the range model with the most features and high grade specifications. Capable of mowing areas up to 13,000 sqm the 900e provides the highest performance and productivity of the axial mowers with a 125cm deck, brushless motor and individual electric transmissions on each wheel. For complete manoeuvrability the 900e Gyro has a turning radius of 360 degrees with a specifically-developed cutting deck so no blade of grass is left uncut.

Simple to use the 900e has a joystick control and integrated LED display dashboard within easy reach. The Stiga drive-by-wire joystick technology lets you control the direction, steering and speed in one. For durability, performance and battery life the Gyro 9 has 21700 lithium-ion cells.


LED Dashboard Display
105Ah Lithium Battery
Bluetooth Connectivity
Adjustable Under Weight Comfort Seat with High Back Support.
Stiga eMotion Transmission
Patented Safety Brake
Vibration Absorbing Suspension

Equipped with a 125cm rear discharge deck the rear wheel drive and large chunky wheels aid traction in more challenging cutting conditions and on slopes up to 15 degrees. The deck can be electrically adjusted from 25 – 135mm. The cutting deck ejects the grass clippings to the rear of the mower where they can wilt back naturally.

Recommended on cutting areas up to 13,000 sqm.


Type: Axial
Power Source : Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage: 48v
Battery Capacity: 105 Ah, 5300 Wh, 7.6 kW
Cutting Width: 125 cm
Cutting Height Adjustment: Electric
Cutting Height Settings: Step-less from 25 – 135 mm
Deck Material: Reinforced steel
Anti-Scalp Wheels: No
Blades: 3
Minimum Uncut Radius: 0 cm
Transmission Type: STIGA eMotion (Drive-by-Wire)
Traction: Rear wheel drive
Maximum Forward Speed: 13 km /h
Wheel Size Front / Rear: 13 x 5.00 – 6, 20 x 10.00 – 10
Headlights: LED
Safety Systems: Seat with contact breaker, safety brake, blocking wheels
Manufacturer Domestic Warranty: 5 year, terms and conditions apply including annual service by approved dealer
Battery Kit: Included

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