Stiga SWP 475 Hand Propelled Sweeper

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Stiga SWP 475 Hand Propelled Sweeper

The SWP 475 Sweeper is perfect for general clearing and cleaning work and features two cleaning brushes each with a diameter of 410mm. The two brushes are positioned in front of the roller and push the debris into the centre which is then brushed into the large 50 litre collector.

Featuring 250mm rubber wheels for enhanced traction, this push sweeper is very easy to handle and is designed to remove dust, dirt, debris and leaves from hard and concrete surfaces such as driveways, paths and patios.

Ideal for cleaning average sized residential and pubic areas, this lightweight machine is easy to use and maintenance free.

DrivePush Driven – Beltless
Working Width75cm
Collector50 litres
Sweeping Performance2900m²/h
Wheels250mm (Plastic + Rubber)
Warranty2 Years

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