Weibang Intrepid SG13H

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Weibang Intrepid SG13H

The Weibang stump grinder makes light work of almost any tree stump, grinding it below the surface of the ground, 8 tooth, hardened tipped cutter disc. With minimal ground damage, compared to excavation equipment, the area will look in peak condition in no time.

Domestic Warranty 

These Weibang machines come with 5 year warranty. Domestic Use subject to servicing.

Honda Power

This machine is powered by a premium quality Honda engine. There is plenty of power for tough tasks and the reliability you would expect from a Honda engine.

Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Teeth

The large 355mm cutter disc features 8, heavy duty, hardened steel teeth that make light work of any tree stump.


Adjustable Handles

To remove the stump thoroughly, the handle can be adjusted to grind at different depths.



Special Brake System

A special brake stops one of the two wheels, allowing the cutter head to swing from side to side, for more efficient grinding.

Engine Honda GX390
Cutting Depth Above Ground 534mm
Cutting Depth Below Ground 229mm
Cutting Teeth 8
Cutter Disc Diameter 355mm
Cutter Disc Bearing 30mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1L
Tyre Size 5.3/4.50-6 4PR
Sound Level 106dB(A)
Weight 137kg
Warranty 5 Year Domestic / 1 Year Commercial
Homeowner Warranty 5 Year


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